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Polyver Winter Boots for Snow, Ice, and Cold

Polyver Winter Boots for Snow, Ice, and Cold

As low as CA$199.00

The perfect choice for a winter expedition where comfort, warmth, grip and stability are needed. This product is slightly smaller in size, we recommend that you choose a larger size than usual.

Feel free to check your size using our size guide before ordering.

Made in Sweden

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Acrylic and wool inner lining

Adjustable collar with drawstring

Boot strap and removal tab

Heel reinforcement

Removable Premium insole

Non slip sole

Defined heel

  • Thermo + insulation Excellent protection from the cold +5°C / -50°C
  • Lightness 40% lighter than a rubber or PVC boot
  • Flexibility Even at very low temperatures
  • 100% watertight No seams
  • Stiff outsole Stability and shock absorption
  • Ergonomic shape Good ankle support
  • Acrylic/ wool inner lining Warm and quick-drying
  • Removable Premium insole Additional thermal insulation
  • Heel reinforcement Greater comfort and longer life
  • Adjustable collar with drawstring
  • High grip outsole